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You must manage the health and safety risks in your workplace. To do this, you need to think about what in your business might cause harm to people and decide whether you’re doing enough to prevent that harm. This is known as a risk assessment. Once you’ve identified the risks in your risk assessment, you then need to decide how to control them and put the appropriate precautionary measures in place. You’re probably already taking steps to protect your employees, but your risk assessment will tell you whether you should be doing more. Also, few workplaces stay the same and sooner or later you will bring in new equipment, substances or procedures that could lead to new hazards, so review your risk assessment on a regular basis. Our information and documentation here will guide you, step-by-step, through conducting a detailed risk assessment for your business. We’ve also covered method statements – their purpose is to ensure safety where high-risk work is carried out in a particular sequence. A method statement is therefore an ideal way to prove that the risks associated with a particular activity have been carefully considered and appropriate controls implemented.

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