Managing health and safety

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Good standards of health and safety in the workplace don’t happen of their own accord. Safe systems of work have to be devised and implemented, staff must be trained so they know how to work safely and equipment needs to be purchased and maintained. In other words, health and safety has to be managed as much as any other part of your business. Your health and safety policy and your risk assessment are the starting points to managing health and safety. You also have to consult your employees on health and safety matters and display the health and safety poster where your staff can easily read it. Finally, you’re obliged to have insurance with an authorised insurer against liability for personal injury, including industrial disease, sustained by employees in the course of their employment. This is called employer’s liability insurance and you must display a copy of the insurance certificate in a place where it can be easily read. Use our information and documentation here to help you manage health and safety in your business. We’ve also covered emergency evacuation procedures because, as part of managing health and safety, you must have appropriate procedures in place to deal with serious and imminent danger.

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