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As well as accidents at work, there are all sorts of occupational diseases (such as dermatitis, respiratory disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, occupational asthma, tinnitus, hand-arm vibration syndrome, etc.) which can be caused or made worse by an individual’s work and therefore it’s essential that you manage your employees’ occupational health and reduce the risk of accidents by taking the necessary preventative measures in relation to matters such as asbestos, noise, ergonomics, vibration, drugs and alcohol, stress, violence at work, etc. Our extensive information and documentation here will help ensure you understand how to manage and monitor occupational health and what steps you need to take to put the necessary control measures in place to minimise the risk of accidents or prevent injury to occupational health. The starting point will always be your risk assessment. Through this, you should have found out the occupational health hazards in your workplace, identified who is at risk and taken measures to do something to control the risk.

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