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Robust employment policies and procedures are invaluable to a business. They provide important and helpful clarity and direction; for example, in how to resolve instances of bad behaviour or poor performance, on successfully handling differences of opinion, and on what you intend to be your employees’ and your own rights and obligations to each other.

Having this clearly set out and accessible to all employees enables you to swiftly, lawfully and cost-effectively handle employee problems and opportunities as they arise.

The recommended approach is to combine sensible policies, which are relevant to your particular business, into an employment handbook that is readily available to all workers. And of course, you should follow those policies to ensure that you can always demonstrate fairness towards your employees.

These policies, and the handbook itself, may form part of an employment contract. However, with most policies there are advantages to making them non-contractual. If you don’t want them to be included in your employment contracts, you’ll need to ensure that the contract terms make clear that they are excluded (in whole or part). Equally importantly, you’ll also need to ensure that the way you operate the policies and reference the handbook doesn’t undermine your intentions and end up binding you contractually.

elXtr hosts a large number of individual policies relating to various employment topics and you’ll find them in this section. They are also available in a customisable, consolidated handbook version if you prefer, so you can ensure you have everything that you need, and you can tailor the content to suit where necessary.

We recommend using our guides as your starting point and to set helpful context for the way in which the templates and other documents can be used. If you’re ever unsure about how to use any of our materials, just get in touch on the contact details below.

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