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Employee compensation packages and rewards are an area that many employers find challenging and it doesn’t help that the law on these has changed a fair amount in recent years. There’s a lot of law wrapped around what you should and must not do as an employer. It’s not particularly complex, but it is quite exacting and getting it wrong can carry unintended consequences.

The guidance provided below covers all the areas that you need to know about to ensure your business is lawfully paying and looking after your staff, including information on how to apply the national minimum wage, what constitutes an unlawful deduction from wages (and when you can lawfully deduct from wages), the rules on holiday pay and statutory sick pay. Other types of employee benefits are also covered, such as operating pension schemes and handling salary sacrifices by employees.

We recommend using our guides as your starting point and to set helpful context for the way in which the templates and other documents can be used. If you’re ever unsure about how to use any of our materials, just get in touch on the contact details below.

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