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You will have carried out a pre-admission assessment of all the service users in your care. But it’s not uncommon for their needs to develop over time or following an event. If you believe that additional resources are required to properly care for one of your service users, it can, sadly, be an uphill struggle to persuade those funding the care to recognise this and to agree to put this in place. However, regardless of the funding available, the safety and well-being of the service user will remain your responsibility for the entire time that they are in your care. It is therefore vital to press all the relevant bodies and individuals to engage with you at an early stage and ensure that the needs of the service user are being met. If, due to the nature of your service, the needs of the service user or the intractability of the funding body (or for any other reason), you reach the conclusion that you are no longer able to provide adequate care for the service user, you will need to give notice to terminate the contract. Our templates cater for several types of service user contract and will enable you to take this difficult step in the correct manner. Also if, having left your care for any reason, some of the service user’s property is left behind, our templates will help you to arrange disposal of those items in a legal way.

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