Acquisition of a new service

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It is increasingly common for local authority contracts, particularly in the domiciliary care sector, to be put out to tender and then awarded to new providers with very little time before the new contract comes into effect. If you have been successful in winning the contract, this means you need all the information relating to any employees that may transfer to you with the contract as soon as possible. Not only are you under pressure to commence providing the service within a short time-frame, but you face the administrative head-aches involved in obtaining necessary information from a rival business who have just lost the contract. Our suite of templates provides you with the tools you need to persuade the transferor (outgoing supplier) to comply with their obligations and give you the information you need in a timely manner. If the transferor is not fulfilling their obligations, our templates will support you to pressure them to do so and set out the potential consequences of their non-compliance.

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